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Author's note:

Ini adalah FF Korea pertama, sekaligus cerpen pertama dalam bahasa Inggris. Excited? Jelas! Akhirnya bisa bikin kayak gini walaupun pasti masih banyak salah grammar, typo, dan kata-kata yang nggak padu. Hehehe harap dimaklumi aja yah, English is not my first language :p

Di sini aku kasih beberapa kata dan istilah dalam bahasa Korea, jadi mending sekarang aku kasih terjemahannya dulu nih:

Maknae = anak termuda

Ani = tidak

Neh = ya

Unnie = panggilan buat cewek ke kakak cewek

Oppa = panggilan buat cewek ke kakak cowok

Hyung = panggilan buat cowok ke kakak cowok

Dongsaeng = adik cowok/cewek

Yeoboseo = halo

additional note:

Love Rain >> drama yg dibintangi Yoona bersama Jang Geun Suk

We Got Married >> variety show Korea, memasangkan dua artis yg nantinya disuruh kawin kontrak 1 tahun (kawin pura2). kurang lebih kek gitu deh, aku juga ga ngikutin :p




The door was slammed and everyone stopped doing anything. 5 girls in the living room sighed at the same time.

"That girl. I wonder what's now," Yuri said, sighed and shook her head.

The leader, Taeyeon, stood up and faced others. "Ya, maknae!" she pointed on Seohyun who was trying to read the very last page of the book.

"Go there and talk to here. You're the only one she can never mad at."

"Ani," Sooyoung interrupted. "I'll go talk to her. This is for slamming the door million times in a week."

She then slowly walked to Yoona's room. While, in the other hand, Jessica was busy texting to someone.

"Girls, Taecyeon Oppa asked me out," she said, grabbed her things and ready to go.

"Okay," Taeyeon answered. "Get home before ten. You're filming tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Neh. Bye, Girls!" She waved at everyone and went out of their dorm. Taecyeon, her boyfriend for these past 2 months was asking her out. They could rarely meet due to their hectic schedule as an Idol.

Well, let's back to Sooyoung. She opened the door (Yoona might always slammed the door but she never locked it) and saw Yoona on her bed, hiding her face in the pillow.

"What happened, Yoong? Fighting with Donghae Oppa again?" she asked.

Yoona looked up and sat. She knew she couldn't avoid her unnies. "Same damn thing," she said with a low yet angry voice. She must had been very upset right now.

"You watched the recent episode of We Got Married, right?" She then continued as Sooyoung nodded. "They were very intimate!! I even heard that they're very close in real life. The whole show is pissing me off already then this? God, I can't believe he did that to me!"

Sooyoung walked closer and sat beside Yoona. He stroked her hand on her dongsaeng back. "Why don't you talk to him?"

"I did! But when I brought this up, he'd also bring Jang Geun Suk and we ended up fighting. I can't stand him anymore, Unnie."

Sooyoung felt bad about her dongsaeng. She already knew that Yoona & Donghae's relationship wouldn't be easy. They both worked as an entertainer and couldn't do nothing but prioritizing the professionalism. Yoona's role in dramas sometimes made him jealous, and he was also doing We Got Married variety show which made her more more more jealous.

"You know Eun So. You worked with her during Love Rain filming, right?" said Sooyoung, trying to relieve Yoona's temper.

"That's the point, Unnie!" She almost yelled. "I know her well. She's like an angel; kind-hearted, wise, and also cute! I'm just..." Yoona couldn't finish her words.

Sooyoung smiled. "You're just worried that Donghae might fall over her."

Yoona nodded slowly. Her unnie was right. "So, what should I do now?"

"Just calm yourself down, and talk to him again when you're ready." Yoona smiled and mouthed a 'thank you' to her.

"Now let's go get some food. This talk definitely makes me hungry," she said as she walked out of Yoona's room.

Yoona giggled, then followed her. "You're always hungry, Unnie."

The Oricon Music Awards was coming. Taeyeon was in charge to be an MC. 7 members were out for their individual schedule, and Yoona was taking responsibilities to represent Girls' Generation since they're also one of the nominees.

"Geez, I can't believe I'm attending this alone," she whispered to herself.

She looked for a seat then finally found her name on the second row. She took a seat and surprised when her Oppas from Super Junior were there too, sitting on the first row and some on the second row, just right beside her.

"What a beautiful dress you are wearing, Yoong!" Shindong compliments on her white gown.

She smiled. "Thanks, Shindong Oppa."

And, there he was, Donghae, sitting right in front of Shindong. She sighed, feeling frustrated. Things were getting worse between them, and they were still mad at each other.

Suddenly, Yoona's phone vibrated. She took it out from her purse and opened a message Sooyoung just sent her.

Don't show your sadness in public, Yoong. You remember what happened in New York, right? Fighting! <3

Yeah, of course she remembered that. They were having an interview with some New York medias, and she was not in a good condition. She and Taeyeon, to be exact. While other members were chatting, smiling, and laughing, Yoona and Taeyeon just sat still with tired face. They were scolded after that and promised other members and their company to not put that kind of expression while in public.

"Enjoy your loneliness, Yoong?" Siwon turned and faced Yoona. He smirked when saw his dongsaeng alone here to attend the award ceremonies.

She couldn't do anything but smiled weakly, knowing that the camera was there and recording them. Siwon chuckled and turned again, when he saw Donghae glaring at him.

"What? You don't need to be jealous, Hyung," he teased.

Donghae sighed and paid attention to T-Ara who was performing on the stage. He acted like he didn't care that Yoona was behind him. But deep inside his heart, he wanted to sit next to her and hug her tightly. He missed her, indeed.

"And, The Oricon Music Awards for Best Album Category goes to....Girls' Generation!" The MC announced.

Yoona was surprised and happy at the same time. She never imagined that this could happen. Her group just won another award this year!

She received standing ovation from Super Junior members who also congratulated her while she was approaching the stage. Then she had her speech, together with Taeyeon who was already on stage as an MC. They thanked their fans, their company, and also everyone who was always supporting them.

Super Junior also won a trophy for Best Boy Group category. Since Girls' Generation and Super Junior were from the same company, the planned to celebrate it right after the ceremony ended. They went to an exclusive cafe which was booked in advance.

Yoona was glad to be there, but she was feeling uncomfortable, knowing that Donghae was there too. They sat not too close to each other and still ignoring each other’s existence.

But Yoona couldn't handle this anymore. She approached Donghae and sat beside him. "Oppa," she called. Donghae stared at her but didn't say a word.

"I couldn't stand it anymore. I'm tired of ignoring you," she started.

Donghae took a deep breath and looked at her intensely. "It's also hard for me, Yoong."

Yoona's eyes became bright and she smiled widely. She leant herself towards Donghae and hug him.

"I'm sorry, Oppa. I don't want to have another fight with you."

Donghae nodded and stroked his hands over Yoona's back. Other members just watched them happily, so glad the cold war was over.

Things went well after that, but still, they couldn't escape from problems. This time Yoona was super jealous after watching Donghae kissed Eun So on the show. She cried the whole night. The other members understood her situation and just left her alone. They hoped that Yoona & Donghae could work this out and they would be happy again.

SuJu's dorm was quite when Yoona came. She knocked on the door and found Leeteuk opening the door for her. "Come in, Yoong. It's raining outside, you'll catch flu."

Leeteuk knew something was wrong. Yoona's eyes couldn't lie, not when he understood Yoona inside and out. He guided Yoona to the living room where Donghae was laying on the sofa, watching TV with Siwon and Heechul. Siwon and Heechul looked up and surprised Yoona was there. Leeteuk gave them a signal to leave the couple alone.

Leeteuk clapped Yoona shoulder and smiled at her. "Talk to him, Yoong. He's been quite the whole time."

"Hey, Beautiful!" Donghae greeted her.

Yoona's eyes became watery when she heard Donghae called her 'beautiful'. The fact that Donghae acted like nothing went wrong also hurt her.

Yoona replied with a small smile. She took a seat next to him. Donghae grabbed Yoona's shoulder and pull her closer. He put his arm around her and played her long brown hair with his finger.

"Why didn't you tell me that you'll come?" he asked.

Yoona shake her head. She hadn't spoken since she sat there. Then she leant her head on Donghae's chest.

"Oppa, why did you kiss her?" suddenly she said.

Donghae froze for a moment. He released his arm from Yoona, sat straight and glared her.

"It was scripted, Yoong," his voice become serious. His cute smile disappeared.

"But you guys...looked good together. You kissed her with all your heart."

"Yoong, you're jealous?"

"Jealous?? Of course! Who wouldn't be?!" she yelled.

Donghae who felt annoyed couldn't do anything but yelled back. "Oh my God it's just a show! I have nothing towards her!"

"But.." Yoona's face was wet. Tears were running down through her cheeks. "You should've told me first, Oppa."

"What about you, huh? What about 4 kissing scenes on Love Rain! It was 4, Yoong!"

Yoona didn't answer. She sobbed and looked down, wasn't brave enough to look Donghae in the eyes.

"Yoona, I think we need to take a break. We can't have a relationship like this. We still can't trust each other even we've been together for almost 2 years." Donghae sighed. Yeah, maybe this will be the best for both of them.

Yoona looked at Donghae in disbelief. "I can't believe you gave up easily, Oppa. I thought we would try to work this out and fix this all."

She was still staring at her boyfriend, but he looked away. She released a sigh and wiped her tears. "Maybe I'll just...go."

After she left, Donghae blew a heavy breath and went upstairs to his room.

In the other hand, Leeteuk heard their conversations and got a little worried. He took his phone and called Taeyeon.

"Yeoboseo?" Taeyeon greeted with her angelic voice.

"Taeyeon-ah, we got a problem."

All Girls' Generation and Super Junior members (minus Yoona and Donghae, of course) were gathering in their practice room. It was all because of that just-broke-up couple.

"Seriously, if I could, I'd just kick their ass right now!" Yuri said with a little anger. The others nodded in agreement.

"They made us awkward when we're all together," Siwon added.

"Ah!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Do you guys remember when we were practicing for our couple performance? They were paired but didn't even see eyes to eyes! The dance came out awkward then."

Taeyeon sighed in frustration, thinking about her second maknae. Yoona was not fun as she used to be, instead she became Thunder Yoona.

"We need to do something."

"Yes. They actually still love each other," said Seohyun.

Suddenly, Yuri clapped her hands. Her eyes were shining bright. "I got an idea!" she said, feeling excited in all of sudden.

The others looked at her with curiosity. Yuri then explained her idea, which made everyone sighed in relieve. This could be the best idea ever!

Donghae woke up with a weird feeling. He just dreamt about Yoona. Again. He sighed, trying not to think about her for now.

He went out of his room but his hyungs and dongsaengs were nowhere to be found. The dorm was completely quite. "Where is everybody?" he mumbled to himself.

Just right after he had breakfast, his phone rang. He ran towards his room and picked the phone. It was from his manager.


"Where are you?!" Donghae was surprised by the anger tone his manager just used.

"I'm in the dorm. I thought I don't have any schedule today," he said.

"Well, you thought wrong, Donghae! Everyone is already here! I updated your schedule last night. Don't you know that?"

He shook his head. Knowing his manager couldn't see it, he answered, "I don't know anything, Hyung. Seriously, why didn't they wake me up?!"

"We did but you slept like a sleeping beauty!!" He heard the boys shouting.

Donghae sighed again. "Okay, where are you guys? I'll go right now, and catch up as fast as my car can."

"Yeah, right. We're in Eurwangni Beach to have a commercial filming. Come here quickly!"

"Okay," he said as he grabbed his things and prepared his car.

"Don't forget to pick up Yoona! We'll do the filming with her."

"Wait..what?" he asked surprisely but his manager already hang up the phone.

He had no choice besides picking up Yoona in her dorm. His heart beats faster as he was already close to the girls' dorm.

He arrived and ready to ring the doorbell when suddenly someone came out. Donghae gulped when he saw Yoona went closer to him. She was always beautiful, he thought. Even when she dressed casually like now, with light make up. Her beauty never changed.

"Ehem.." Donghae cleaned his throat. "So, your manager already told you, huh?" he asked when Yoona jumped to the car.

"He told me 20 minutes ago, I didn't know about this before," she said coldly. She didn't even turn her face or looked at Donghae.

"Weird," he whispered. "Same thing happened to me."

There was a long silent, an awkward one. They just stared out of the window all the way to the beach. Donghae decided to turn on his stereo set to kill the awkwardness between them.

It took two and a half hours to reach the beach from Seoul. When they arrived, they felt relieved for becoming free from the awkward situation.

But it was all just weird. There was no one in the beach, no sign of the filming activities. "Where are they?" Yoona asked herself.

Donghae was suspicious. He looked around to find the boys but they were not there.

"Let's go there." Donghae grabbed Yoona's wrist.

They walked along the beautiful white sand. That beach was famous for its white sand and beautiful scenery. Donghae was surprised when he felt Yoona held back his hand. He stared at her but she looked away. Oh my God, she was blushing, he thought to himself.

They walked for fifteen minutes but still couldn't find anyone. Yoona was frustrated and stopped walking. Her feet already hurt.

"Let's just sit here. Maybe they just prank us," she said calmly as she put her shoes off and sat.

Donghae did the same. The sit next to each other, enjoying the wind blew their hair. Donghae stared at Yoona, whose hair was messy but still, she looked beautiful.

Suddenly, Donghae did something that surprised Yoona. "IM YOONA!!" he screamed at the sea right in front of them.

Yoona's eyes became wider. "What are you doing??"


"HOW CAN I TRUST YOU IF YOU DON'T TRUST ME EITHER??!" Yoona followed him, screaming out loud. Other people might think they were crazy, but they didn't even care.


Yoona's eyes became watery. He looked at Donghae, surprised yet touched by what he just said. "Was..was that true, Oppa?"

Donghae's heart fluttered when she called him 'Oppa' again. He never realized how he missed her calling him like that. He missed everything about her, about them.

He turned around and looked at her. They looked at each other for such a long time, when suddenly tears running from her deer-like eyes.

"I'm sorry, Oppa," she said, still crying.

Donghae leant closer and hugged her tightly, as if he'd die when he let go of her. Yoona hid her face on Donghae chest, while Donghae stroked her back. She said so safe and all of her worries were gone.

He let go of her and wiped her tears from her beautiful face. "You're my only love, Yoong. Keep that in mind."

Yoona nodded as tears running down through her cheeks again. Donghae chuckled and hugged her. He felt the warm of her body and closed his eyes. His love finally came back to him.

When he looked behind Yoona's back, he saw his members, his manager, and Girls' Generation's member as well.

"Yoong, I think we must get our revenge," he said, still looking into through Yoona's back.

Yoona followed his eyes and found everyone waving at them. They smiled widely, happy because their plan ran perfectly.

"They seriously will die after this!!" Yoona hissed and Donghae giggled.

He put his arm around her as they walked towards their members and managers. He leant closer and whispered in Yoona's ears. "I love you."

Yoona smiled and suddenly kissed his cheek. "I love you too, Oppa."


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Lagu Kita

Ini lagu kita

tuk selamanya...

Cimahi, 1999

"ALVIIINNN!!" Ify kecil berteriak nyaring di depan pagar rumah Alvin. Tak ada jawaban. Ia kembali mengerahkan tenaga untuk memanggil sahabatnya itu.

"ALVIIIINNNN!!! AYO KITA MAIIINNN!!!" teriaknya lagi.

Tak berapa lama, pintu depan terbuka. Alvin yang baru berumur 7 tahun berlari tergopoh-gopoh menghampiri Ify. Sahabatnya ini memang tidak sabaran.

"Aku lagi makan, nih. Masuk dulu, yuk!" ajaknya. Ify tidak mempunyai pilihan lain selain mengangguk. Dengan riang, ia mengikuti Alvin yang lebih dulu masuk ke rumah.

"Eh, ada Ify," kata Mama Alvin begitu melihat Ify masuk rumah. Ify tersenyum, memamerkan giginya yang ompong di bagian depan setelah cabut gigi kemarin sore.

"Ify udah makan?" tanya Mama Alvin lembut sambil kembali menyuapi Alvin yang sudah duduk manis di sebelahnya. Beliau memang sudah menganggap Ify sebagai anak sendiri.

Ify mengangguk. "Tadi udah disuapin mama," jawabnya dengan gaya polosnya yang khas.

Setelah menghabiskan makan siangnya, Alvin segera menarik Ify ke sebuah ruangan. Di dalamnya terdapat grand piano putih sementara di setiap sudut berjejer piala-piala besar. Foto-foto Alvin tersebar di dinding.

Alvin menarik bangku, duduk di atasnya, dan menyuruh Ify agar ikut duduk di sampingnya. Jari-jari kecilnya sudah siap di atas tuts-tuts hitam putih itu.

"Kemarin aku berhasil main Over the Rainbow," ungkapnya bangga. Mata Ify melebar, menatap Alvin kagum.

"Ayo mainkan! Ify pengen lihat!"

Alvin tersenyum melihat antusiasme Ify yang berlebihan. "Tapi kamu yang nyanyi yah?"

Ify mengangguk tidak sabar. Ia ingin cepat-cepat melihat Alvin memainkan Over the Rainbow, lagu favorit mereka sejak kecil.

Intro dimainkan, dan Alvin memberi tanda pada Ify untuk mulai menyanyi. Ify mengambil napas banyak-banyak, kemudian melantunkan nada-nada manis dari bibirnya, bersamaan dengan iringan piano Alvin.

"If happy little blue birds fly.." Ify memasuki bait terakhir. "Beyond the rainbow...why oh why can't I.."

Gadis mungil itu mengakhiri nyanyiannya dengan improvisasi yang manis. Alvin tersenyum bangga, pada dirinya sendiri juga pada Ify. "Kamu nyanyinya makin bagus deh," puji Alvin tulus.

"Kamu juga main pianonya makin jago."

Keduanya hanya saling tersenyum, lalu pandangan mereka tertumbuk pada sebuah foto di atas piano. "Nanti kita bakal jadi seperti itu," kata Alvin, menunjuk foto tersebut.

"Papa kamu pasti bangga ya," Ify bergumam. Foto itu adalah foto almarhum Papa Alvin dan Mama Alvin. Papa Alvin dulunya adalah pianis terkenal, sementara mamanya adalah penyanyi yang sering berkolaborasi dengan papanya. Dari situlah cinta mereka tumbuh.

"Yes he will." Tiba-tiba Mama muncul, membawa dua gelas jus mangga kesukaan kedua anak itu. Beliau tersenyum lembut mendapati tatapan terkejut Alvin dan Ify.

Diletakkannya kedua gelas itu, kemudian diusapnya puncak kepala mereka.

"Kejar terus mimpi kalian, even when they seem impossible. Even when everyone keeps telling you that you'll never make it."

Cimahi, 2008

Ify menggigit pensilnya sambil menatap partitur dengan serius. Keningnya berkerut. Beberapa helai rambutnya sudah keluar dari cempolan karena sering diacak-acak. Alvin sendiri duduk termenung di depan piano, menyentuh tuts dengan hati-hati sambil sesekali memejamkan mata.

"Vin," Ify beranjak mendekati Alvin. "Kayaknya bagian ini kudu diganti nadanya deh. Kedengerannya aneh," katanya sambil menatap Alvin serius.

Alvin melirik partitur Ify, kemudian melarikan jari-jarinya di atas piano. Ia menelengkan kepala. "Iya sih. Bentar, hmm.." Lalu ia memainkan bait itu dan menggantinya di beberapa tempat.

Ify mendengarkan, dan tersenyum setelahnya. "Ini baru bener," katanya ceria.

Alvin hanya tertawa. Didorongnya bahu Ify. "Udah sono bikin lirik lagi, gue mau coba cari nada yang pas," perintahnya. Ify mencibir mendengar nada bossy Alvin, lalu kembali ke tempatnya semula.

Kedua anak itu sedang disibukkan dengan projek yang mereka rancang sendiri, membuat lagu. Tentang apa saja. Alvin bertanggung jawab bagian nada dan Ify liriknya. Sudah dua hari ini mereka berkutat dengan tetek bengek projek mereka, namun belum bisa membuat bagian reffnya. Dan, mereka dibuat frustasi karenanya.

Alvin kembali memainkan piano kesayangannya sambil berdendang. Ia memejamkan mata, berusaha menghayati permainannya ketika tiba-tiba Ify berseru dari seberang ruangan. "Mainin dari awal, Vin!"

Alvin mengernyit bingung, namun menuruti permintaan cewek itu. Ify melompat dari sofa dan langsung menghampiri Alvin dengan senyum lebar dan mata berbinar. Ia menyodorkan partiturnya. "Gue udah tulis nada-nada itu barusan, dan entah keajaiban apa gue langsung tau lirik yang pas!" cewek itu memekik antusias.

"Aku milikmu, kau milikku.." Alvin mulai bernyanyi. "Takkan ada yang pisahkan kita..ini lagu kita tuk selamanya..janjiku untukmu takkan tinggalkan dirimu.."

Alvin memandang Ify takjub, yang dibalas Ify dengan mata yang berkilat semangat. Keduanya terdiam, seakan masih terkesima pada karya mereka. "Wow," hanya itu yang keluar dari mulut Alvin.

Ify membalasnya dengan seringaian. "I know, right?"

"Gue bakal bikin bridge-nya, dan lagu ini bakalan selesai," kata Alvin langsung. Ify mengangguk, berdiri menyender pada piano, menemani sobatnya berkarya.

Tak berapa lama, lagu itu selesai. Ify dan Alvin masih takjub memandang partitur di hadapan mereka.

"Masterpiece kita, Fy," kata Alvin setengah menerawang.

Ify mengangguk. Matanya berkaca-kaca, terharu. "Ini lagu kita, untuk selamanya."

Jakarta, Januari 2011

Jam baru menunjukkan pukul 11 tapi Ify sudah rapi, dengan baju kerah rempel berwarna jingga cerah dipadu dengan jeans. Sekali lagi ia menghadap cermin, memeriksa make up dan tatanan rambutnya. Tiba-tiba pintunya terbuka, menampakkan seraut wajah oval yang keibuan, manajer Ify.

"Udah siap, Fy? Janjiannya jam setengah 12, kan?" tanya Lia.

Ify menatap bayangannya sekali lagi, sebelum akhirnya berbalik, mengambil tasnya di tempat tidur, dan keluar kamar. Langkah Ify terhenti di ruang tamu apartemennya ketika Lia malah duduk di sana, menonton televisi.

"Mbak Lia nggak ikut?" tanyanya heran.

"Nggak, gue di sini aja, istirahat." Lalu ia tertawa.

Ify mencibir. "Giliran gue istirahat kapan dong?"

Lia kembali tertawa. "Jangan terpaksa gitu dong, Fy. Bentar lagi kan lo bakal rilis album. Harus semangat dong!"

Ify mengenakan sepatunya sambil menghela napas berat. "Masih lama kayaknya. Kekurangan lagu nih gue," katanya. Memang, ia baru memiliki 6 lagu untuk albumnya, masih harus menambahkan minimal 2 lagu lagi untuk bisa dijadikan album. Dan, hari ini ia akan bertemu dengan Rio Stevano, musisi yang sudah direkrut Ify untuk membuatkannya lagu baru.

Suara high heels Ify menggema di pelataran parkir yang sepi. Ia melangkah tergesa menuju mobilnya. Ia harus bergegas kalau tidak ingin terjebak macet. Jakarta berbeda sekali dengan Bandung, meski sekarang sepertinya sama saja ruwetnya.

Ify mendesah, tiba-tiba merasa rindu dengan kampung halamannya. Rumahnya. Keluarganya. Alvin...

"Haish, Alvin.." gumamnya sambil menjalankan mobil perlahan keluar dari parkiran.

"Itu anak apa kabar ya? Lama banget nggak ngobrol," ia berkata pada dirinya sendiri. Semenjak debutnya sebagai penyanyi Agustus 2009 lalu, ia jarang kontak dengan Alvin. Paling pol hanya bertukar email seminggu sekali atau menelepon kalau ia sedang tidak ada jadwal manggung.

Sebenarnya, Ify merasa kasihan dengan Alvin. Cowok itu terpaksa mengubur mimpinya sebagai pianis, karena alasan tertentu. Sebagai gantinya, ia kini tengah menikmati kuliahnya di ITB. Alvin sendiri hampir sama sibuknya dengan Ify yang penyanyi. Makin jaranglah kontak yang mereka lakukan.

Pukul 11.25, mobil Ify memasuki pelataran parkir sebuah cafe. Ia keluar dari mobil, dan berjalan memasuki cafe. Matanya menyapu seluruh sudut cafe. Ternyata Rio belum datang. Ia mengambil tempat duduk di sudut, dekat jendela, dan memesan segelas latte macchiato.

Dua puluh menit kemudian, cukup untuk membuat Ify nyaris mati kebosanan, Rio muncul dengan cengirannya yang khas. "Sori, macet tadi, biasa lah."

Ify memutar bola matanya. "Iya deh. Pesen dulu sana," katanya santai. Ia tidak perlu bersopan-sopan dengan Rio karena umur mereka hanya berjarak 2 tahun, Rio lebih tua. Selain itu, mereka sudah dekat sejak Ify debut dulu.

Rio mengeluarkan laptopnya. "Nih, demonya udah ada di sini, gue nggak sempet ngeburn," katanya sambil menyodorkan laptopnya pada Ify.

Ify memasangkan earphone, dan mulai mendengarkan. Ia memejamkan mata, membiarkan setiap nada mengalir dalam kepalanya juga perasaannya. Lagu yang dibuat Rio bergenre ballad dengan lirik yang bercerita tentang patah hati. Keputusasaan. Sangat menyentuh.

"Hmm," Ify bergumam setelah selesai mendengarkan lagu itu. Rio mengangkat alis, menanti tanggapan Ify.

"Mungkin ini single pertama gue," katanya mantap.

Rio menatap Ify tak percaya. "Whoa, gue nggak pernah bayangin lagu ini bakal jadi first single lo. Thanks, Fy."

Ify hanya tersenyum simpul. "Harusnya gue yang makasih sama lo, Kak Rio," ujarnya manis.

Rio tergelak. Ify tidak pernah memanggilnya dengan sebutan 'Kakak'. Tidak pernah sekalipun. "Just Rio, okay? Lo manggil gue begitu bikin merinding tauk!"

Ify tak tahan untuk tidak ikut tertawa. Ia tidak peduli kalau beberapa pengunjung cafe itu mulai mencuri-curi pandang ke meja mereka penasaran. Mungkin berusaha menerka apa gerangan yang sedang dilalukan dua penyanyi terkenal di sini.

"Satu lagu lagi, dan gue bisa tenang," Ify berujar lemas. Mengapa sulit sekali untuk mencari sebuah lagu?

Rio memandang Ify prihatin. Diusapnya punggung tangan juniornya itu. "Pasti bentar lagi lo bakalan dapet, kok. It's just a matter of time," katanya menghibur.

Ify tersenyum dan mengucapkan "Thank you" tanpa suara. Rio hanya membalasnya dengan senyuman yang lebih lebar.

"Ke mana aja, Neng, jam segini baru pulang?" Lia bertanya sambil melirik jam di ruang tamu. Pukul 7.30 malam.

Ify nyengir. Ia melepas sepatunya dan langsung menjatuhkan diri di samping Lia. "Habis pergi sama Rio. Hehe," jawabnya.

Lia menyipitkan matanya, menatap Ify penuh selidik. "Jangan bilang kalo lo.."

"Nggak lah!" Ify memotong sebelum Lia menyelesaikan kalimatnya. "Dia udah punya cewek kaleee."

"Selama jalur kuning belum melengkung.." goda Lia. Perempuan berusia 25 tahun itu tergelak ketika Ify memukul bahunya dengan tas.

"Gue bercanda, Fy. Sensi amat sih lo ah."

"Udah tau gue lagi sensi, masih aja diajak bercanda," sungutnya.

Kemudian ia bangkit. "Gue mandi dulu."

Lia menatap punggung Ify cukup lama. Ia mendesah pelan. Kasihan Ify. Pasti ia masih dipusingkan dengan masalah album barunya.

Selesai mandi dengan air hangat, Ify duduk termenung di tempat tidur. Kata-kata produsernya tadi ketika ia menelepon masih terngiang-ngiang. "Album kamu bisa molor, Fy, kalau kayak gini terus. Come on! What's so hard to get a new song?"

Saat itu ingin rasanya Ify meneriaki produsernya keras-keras. What's so hard dia bilang? What's so hard my ass! makinya. Dalam hati tentu saja.

Ponsel di atas nakas tempat tidur bergetar satu kali. Ify mengambilnya, dan melihat ada satu sms masuk. Dari mamanya.

Udah makan blm, Fy? Orang rmh pada kangen nih. Pulang kpn?

Ify tersenyum kecut. Bagaimana ia bisa pulang kalau masalah di sini belum selesai? Dengan cepat ia mengetik sms balasan.

Udah, ma. Ify jg kangen nih, tp blm bisa pulang. Mama sehat kan?

Ketika mengembalikan ponselnya, saat itulah Ify melihat sebuah map yang menyembul di laci yang sedikit terbuka. Ia mengambil map itu, yang ternyata berisi partitur-partitur dari ia kecil dulu.

Ia membuka lembar demi lembar, dan langsung membeku ketika melihat satu lembar partitur yang masih terlihat agak baru. Ini adalah partitur lagunya dan Alvin. Judulnya 'Lagu Kita'. Di bawah judul ada sebaris tulisan yang membuatnya ingin menangis: by Alvin & Ify, best friend forever <3.

Tanpa sadar air matanya menitik. Betapa ia rindu Alvin. Rindu tawanya, rindu kelakuan jailnya, rindu genggaman tangannya yang hangat. Seperti tersengat listrik, badan Ify langsung tegak. Mungkin inilah solusi untuk masalahnya.

Tanpa pikir panjang, Ify mengambil selembar partitur, menyalin 'Lagu Kita' di sana. Dengan gemetar, ia menulis sesuatu di bawah tulisan judul. 'By: Ify'. Tanpa nama Alvin, tanpa embel-embel 'best friend forever'. Lalu Ify mengambil lighter dari laci, menyalakannya, dan mendekatkan partitur 'Lagu Kita' yang asli ke arah api yang meliuk-liuk. Bercucuran air mata dan badan bergetar hebat, Ify mulai membakarnya.

"Maafin gue, Vin."

Cimahi, April 2011

Alvin berjalan tersaruk-saruk memasuki rumah. Hari ini jadwal kuliahnya padat dan semua dosen memberi tugas. Belum lagi latihan intensif untuk pertunjukan dalam rangka HUT kampusnya. Rasanya ingin mati saja sekarang, pikirnya.

Mama yang mendengar suara mobil Alvin langsung menyambut puteranya. Sudah seminggu ini Alvin tidak pulang, dan Mama bisa mengerti. Alvin sibuk sekali, kasihan kalau harus bolak-balik dari kampus ke rumah yang sebenarnya tidak begitu jauh.

"Anak mama capek kayaknya," kata Mama begitu Alvin merebahkan tubuhnya di sofa.

Mama mendekat, dan Alvin menegakkan kembali tubuhnya. Mengerti maksud Alvin, Mama duduk di sana, dan Alvin langsung menyenderkan kepala di pangkuan mamanya. Mama mengusap kepala Alvin dengan sayang.

"Besok libur, kan? Istirahat aja di rumah. Mama bikinin bubur ayam kesukaan kamu deh."

"Makasih, Ma," kata Alvin dengan mata terpejam.

Mama meraih remote televisi dan menyalakannya. Alvin sudah setengah terlelap ketika Mama tiba-tiba memekik, "Itu Ify kan??!"

Alvin membuka matanya. Ia beranjak duduk, menatap televisi dengan intens. Benar itu Ify. Ify-nya.

"Eh dia lagi promo album ke-2 tuh!" Mama benar-benar excited. Alvin hanya memutar bola mata melihat tingkah mamanya. Mereka berdua kemudian serius menonton konferensi pers Ify di televisi.

"Ify, dalam album ini kamu juga membuat lagu ya? Lagu yang mana?" Alvin melihat salah satu fans Ify bertanya.

Ify, dengan gaun biru tua yang kontras dengan kulitnya yang putih bersih, tersenyum kecil. "Iya. Judulnya 'Lagu Kita'. Lagu ini aku bikin sendiri ketika awal-awal aku masuk SMA."

Mama terlalu fokus menonton Ify, tidak menyadari bahwa puteranya membeku di sampingnya. Alvin menahan napas, jantungnya berdegup lebih kencang dari biasanya.

"Nyanyikan! Nyanyikan!" Teriakan-teriakan seperti itu menggema di seberang sana. Mama bahkan ikut berteriak.

Lagi-lagi Ify tersenyum. "Oke, cuma reff doang ya." Fansnya berseru senang.

Masih dengan senyum di bibirnya, Ify menyanyikan lagu barunya. "Aku milikmu, kau milikku..takkan ada yang pisahkan kita..ini lagu kita tuk selamanya..janjiku untukmu takkan tinggalkan dirimu.."

Suasana hening sejenak, terhipnotis oleh suara Ify yang mengahanyutkan. Dua detik kemudian, sorakan dan tepuk tangan langsung ramai terdengar. Tanpa sadar, Alvin mengepalkan tangannya. Ia langsung beranjak menuju kamarnya di lantai atas. Ia tak mau mendengar apapun lagi. Semua sudah cukup.

"Loh, Alvin?!" Mama bertanya kaget. "Alvin! Alvin!! Mau ke mana? Ini Ify belum selesai!" Beliau berteriak-teriak.

Tapi Alvin tak peduli. Ia sedang tidak ingin peduli.

Jakarta, Agustus 2011

Ify menatap panggung megah di hadapannya dengan puas. Dua jam lalu, panggung itu begitu meriah dengan tata lighting yang mempesona. Ia bisa melihat bayangan dirinya dua jam lalu, bernyanyi dengan anggun di atas panggung.

Tak terasa sudah dua tahun ia berkecimpung di blantika musik Indonesia. Dan hari ini, tepat dua tahun setelah debutnya, ia berhasil menggelar konser tunggal pertamanya. Konser yang selalu diimpi-impikan oleh setiap penyanyi. Konser yang akan dikenang sampai kapanpun.

Tapi, dibalik kebahaiaan serta kebanggaannya, ada satu yang hilang. Sesuatu yang terus ia sangkal, tapi terasa semakin nyata. Alvin. Sahabat kecilnya.

Ify memejamkan mata, teringat lagi sebaris kalimat yang dikirimkan Alvin padanya lewat email, beberapa menit setelah konferensi persnya.

I'm disappointed in you, Fy.

Satu kalimat yang mengguncangnya waktu itu. Ia menangis semalaman, menyesali yang telah ia lakukan. Tapi ia tahu, ia tak bisa melangkah mundur. Ia pun memutuskan untuk tetap berjalan, meski dengan luka yang tak kunjung sembuh.

Ia membuka ponselnya, menatap foto yang ia pasang sebagai wallpaper. Fotonya dan Alvin sebelum ia pergi ke Jakarta untuk mengejar mimpinya. "Gue kangen lo, Vin. Gue mau minta maaf," Ify bergumam lirih.

Sebuah ide melesat di pikirannya. Tanpa pikir panjang lagi ia langsung berlari keluar gedung, menanggapi dengan asal ucapan selamat beberapa orang yang ditemuinya. Yang ia pikirkan saat ini adalah ia harus sampai di mobilnya dengan segera. It's now or never.

Masih di malam yang sama, rumah Alvin

Alvin memencet-mencet joystick dengan kesal. Untuk ketiga kalinya ia kalah dengan tim lawan. Jengkel, dibantingnya joystick itu, dan ia beranjak ke dapur untuk mengambil segelas air dingin. Ia baru akan menutup pintu kulkas ketika mendengar suara bel.

Dengan kening berkerut, Alvin menatap jam di dapur. Hampir pukul 12 malam. "Siapa yang bertamu jam segini?" gumamnya heran.

Ia bergegas menuju pintu depan dan membukanya. Begitu pintu dibuka, alunan lagu yang akrab di telinganya langsung terdengar. Alvin sukses menganga melihat siapa yang datang. Ify, dengan beberapa lembar kertas karton besar di tangannya. Alunan lagu itu berasal dari mobil Ify yang sengaja dikeraskan dan jendelanya terbuka.

Ify tersenyum lemah melihat Alvin membukakan pintu untuknya. Air matanya sudah hampir jatuh, namun ia tahan. Ia harus kuat sampai akhir. Sampai ini selesai.

"Lo..." Alvin bahkan tak bisa berkata-kata.

Ify masih diam, namun kini mulai menarik perhatian Alvin dengan kertas karton di tangannya. Ia membukanya berurutan, dan Alvin hanya bisa terpaku.

I was lost

I did't think straight

And hurt my best friend, the very best one

I lived in pain by then

Knowing that he'd never forgive me

Wheather it's too late or not

I just wanna say

I'm sorry for everything I've done

I didn't mean to do that

I never meant to hurt my only best friend

He's too precious for me

Ify menghela napas, dan membuka lembar terakhir. Ditatapnya Alvin penuh permohonan.

Alvin, will you forgive me?

Aksi Ify berakhir bertepatan dengan berakhirnya 'Lagu Kita'. Alvin masih saja terpaku. Ini semua terlalu tiba-tiba. Otaknya belum bisa menyerap ini semua.

Ia baru bereaksi ketika air mata pertama Ify jatuh. Bahu gadis itu terguncang. Isakan kecil terdengar, walaupin ia sudah menggigit bibir, berusaha untuk tidak terisak. Dengan gerakan cepat, Alvin menarik pergelangan tangan Ify dan membawa gadis itu ke dalam pelukannya.

Tangis Ify kembali meledak di dada Alvin. Alvin mengeratkan pelukannya, seakan-akan ia tak ingin melepasnya. "Maafin gue, Vin. Maafin gue," kata Ify sambil terisak hebat.

"Gue nyesel. Nyesel banget." Gadis itu masih meracau di antara isakan tangisnya.

Mata Alvin sudah berkaca-kaca, dan ia pun ikut meneteskan air mata walau tanpa isakan. Disurukkannya wajahnya pada bahu Ify. Hilang sudah rasa kecewanya selama ini. Semua tergantikan dengan rindu yang meledak-ledak di dada.

"I'm glad my best friend is back," bisiknya sambil memejamkan mata.

Tangisan Ify makin keras, dan pelukannya pada Alvin makin kuat. Ia hampir tidak bisa bernapas karenanya, tapi ia tak peduli. Yang penting ia sudah kembali ke tempat yang tepat. Kembali ke Alvin-nya.

Meskipun aku bukan siapa-siapa, bukan yang sempurna

Namun percayalah hatiku milikmu

Meski seringku mengecewakanmu,

Maafkanlah aku

Janjiku kan setia padamu, hanyalah dirimu

Aku milikmu, kau milikku

Takkan ada yang pisahkan kita

Ini lagu kita tuk selamanya

Janjiku untukmu takkan tinggalkan dirimu

Meski seringku mengecewakanmu, Maafkanlah aku

Janjiku kan setia padamu, hanya dirimu

Aku milikmu, kau milikku

Takkan ada yang pisahkan kita

Ini lagu kita tuk selamanya

Janjiku untukmu takkan tinggalkan dirimu

Lagu ini akan menjadi saksi

Tulusnya hatiku cintaimu

Ooh aku milikmu, kau milikku

Takkan ada yang pisahkan kita

Ini lagu kita tuk selamanya

Oh janjiku untukmu takkan tinggalkan dirimu


Halooooo apa kabar semuanya? Uda lama ga nulis nih hehe maaf ya :)
Cerita ini aku persembahkan khusus untuk Teteh Qisti yang uda request alfy dari kapan tau. Semangat UN ya, Teh! Semoga lancar, lulus dengan hasil memuaskan, dan diterima di universitas & jurusan yang diinginkan. Amin. Much love from Magelang :*
Ohiya, sebagian dari kalian mungkin uda tau kalo 'Lagu Kita' sebenernya adalah lagunya Vidi Aldiano, jadi bukan punya Ify dan Alvin :p. Ide cerita ini sendiri juga terinspirasi sama video klipnya. Entah kenapa suka dan langsung taraaa terbentuklah sebuah ide.
Oke, komen, kritik, saran tetep aku tunggu :)