Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Our Moment

Here comes another Yoonhae one-shot! I was in the mood of writing and this idea just popped out. I made it short, very short. Happy reading! And please comment :)

"ANDWAEEEE!!" Yoona screamed from the top of her lungs. It was amazing how her phone's screen didn't break despite that high-pitched voice of hers.
She released another screamed, now followed with her shaking head. "No no no! Please...." she almost begged whoever on the phone with her.
But what she received was a boring tone coming up from her phone. Her boyfriend just hung up. She grunted, grabbed her bag and went out from her room. In the TV room, Yuri was sitting alone with a bowl of popcorn on her lap. The KBS channel was on. It was Tuesday, though. Tonight, the last episode of Love Rain would be aired, only few hours before Yoona's birthday.
"Where are you going? You're gonna miss Love Rain?" she asked as Yoona started to put on her shoes. Usually, Yoona would be with her every Monday and Tuesday to monitor their acting abilities. They would switch the channel very often that they could watch two dramas at once. Now that Fashion King was ended earlier, they could concentrate on watching that romantic drama Yoona starring.
"He shouldn't watch this episode! I'd never let that happen!" she mumbled from afar.
Yuri pursed her forehead. What did she say? 'He'? Who's thi-- OH! Suddenly she realized something.
"Don't be too long," was the only thing she said before Yoona bid goodbye and went out from their dorm.
Yoona jumped into her car and drove through a bunch of fans waiting outside the gate. It was always like that. Never-ending fans visit. It fluttered her heart, knowing that fans would always be there to support her and her band mates. But sometimes, she just needed privacy. She wanted to come to her dorm with Mr. Fishy she loved the most without everyone notice it, but it just seemed quite impossible.
It didn't took a long time for her to reach the boy's dorm. Once Eunhyuk opened the front door for her, she hurriedly rushed to the living room, only to see a way too familiar figure laying on the sofa, eyes glued on a big screen in front of him.
"Yeay! Our Hana is here!!" the boys shouted from the kitchen door, as they saw her standing there.
But she could careless. All that matter was that brown-haired guy who grinned from ear to ear, staring at her with that longing look all over his face. She sighed, went closer to him.
"Donghae-oppa, I told you not to watch it!"
Donghae shrugged, still grinning and turned her head back facing the TV. "I'm curious of this episode. Hana looked very cute!"
"Yeah, he had been sitting there like an idiot since forever, and claimed the TV that everyone should watch Love Rain tonight," a voice came up behind her back. Yoona turned around and smiled as she saw Yesung pouted.
"Hey, it's the last episode! We should watch it of course!" Donghae defended himself. Everyone rolled their eyes.
Without any single word, Donghae grabbed Yoona's arm and pulled her closer to his embrace. She saw the remote was on the table, just an arm away from her. But despite the short distance, she knew better than reaching it. Donghae was incredibly unstoppable at times like this.
Donghae and Yoona ended up watching it together. The boys were thoughtful enough to watch it upstairs. The couple barely met each other, so they understood what to do.
"I told you. You look better with that long hair," Donghae said as the scene went to the '1 year letter' scene.
Yoona scoffed. "But I'm cute when I'm short haired!"
Out of the blue, Donghae leaned closer and gave a peck on her forehead. Yoona was just too shocked to say a word. The feeling was still the same. Whatever Donghae did never failed to give her electric shock.
Donghae smiled at the scene where Seo Joon was mad at Hana because she spent her entire summer in US.
"Joon isn't patient enough, is he? He couldn't see Hana for two months and become that angry? How about me who sometimes can only see my girlfriend once in three months or more?"
Yoona didn't give any respond. Her eyes glued on the screen, heart beat faster than ever. Donghae would absolutely hate the next scene, she said to herself. But she was always ready for this. Calming the angry fishy was her specialist.
"I miss you," Seo Joon said to Hana.
Hana smiled, walked closer and hugged him. Donghae didn't feel bothered. He was used to seeing her hugging Super Junior's members or other oppas and male dongsaengs in SM. He got a ton of 'practice'.
But what happened next was the reason why Yoona warned him not to watch this episode in the first place. When he watched Joon leaned closer, placing his lips on Hana's, Donghae clenched his jaw. What even worse was the fact that Hana kissed him back, closing her eyes in pleasure.
Palms sweating, Yoona sat straight next to him. She could feel the awkward atmosphere surround them. But then she shrugged. I've warned him anyway, she thought.
She decided to go to the kitchen, looking for something to eat. But when she stood up, Donghae grab her wrist and turned her around. Yoona looked at him with the now-what look.
"You haven't been punished for this one, Missy," he said with a quite serious tone, although his voice was shaking for tempting to hold back laughter.
She rolled her eyes. "Really? Try me, then!"
Donghae put his index finger in his chin, looked like he was thinking deeply.
"Make me some ramyun. I haven't eaten anything since this morning," finally he said.
Yoona scoffed. "I thought you'd be more creative this time."
"I just can't think anything innovative when I'm with you. You kinda make me blank."
"Here comes the cheesy boyfriend~" she sang, getting a giggle from Donghae.
She then went to the kitchen to make 2 portions of ramyun. She knew she was a bit greedy, since other couple like Taeyeon and Leeteuk maybe would only make a portion of ramyun to share. But the shikshin (means: goddess of eating) part of her couldn't be helped.
“Hmmm…your ramyun is always yummy,” Donghae said as he took a sip of the sauce. It was just a ramyun, but he felt like eating fancy food every time Yoona made it to him.
“It’s been a while since the last time we eat together like this.” Yoona put her chopstick down and grabbed a bottle of water. Her eyes never left Donghae’s when doing so.
Donghae replied it with a sincere smile. “Nothing can beat our moment. Not even a million kissing scenes you had and will have with your co-star.”
Yoona grinned. “You’re not mad, are you?”
Deep down, she really hoped that Donghae could pass it this time. She knew that he knew the kissing scenes meant nothing at all. It was just for the sake of drama itself. Nothing more.
Donghae caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. “How could I mad at you if you’re giving me that expression?”
She laughed, and Donghae laughed along with the harmony. Even when she was laughing like that, let her mouth wide open, she was beautiful. And her laugh, Donghae smiled. The laugh he could never get off his head. The laugh he would recognize everywhere. The laugh which didn’t give him any choice but to laugh along with her.
Done laughing, Yoona looked at him who was smiling from ear to ear, and replied his smile with her infamous smile everyone adored.
“So, dance practice tomorrow?” he asked while holding her hands on his lap.
Yoona’s eyes widened in excitement. “Really?! You’ll teach me? You don’t have any schedule tomorrow?” she almost shouted.
Donghae laughed at the choding (means: elementary school kid) side of his girlfriend. “Yep, privately,” he answered with an obvious smile on his eyes.
Yoona looked at him in suspicion. She knew what that look was. “You pervert boyfriend!”

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Electric Shock

I just wanna say, HAPPY f(x)'s COMEBACK, EVERYONE! :D

After doing great (but not as great as SNSD, if I may say) on their Nu ABO, La Cha Ta, Chu~, and Hot Summer, f(x) come back with ELECTRIC SHOCK! It's their 2nd mini album. I've watched the MV. They're all beautiful, and the effect of the MV is just so cool.
Although they still can't beat their fellow families in SM Entertainment (SNSD, Super Junior, BoA), I really hope people will support their comeback so it'll be a big hit! 
f(x), fighting!