Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012


I start to ship Yoona with EXO-M's Luhan lately. It's all because of those ff I read! And I find that Luhan is soooo adorable. He's really really cute :)
Yoona and Luhan were both born in 1990, so yeah, they're SM's 90 Liners! They must be pretty close, right? They're in the same age after all, and regarding the fact that our Choding Yoong is playful and gets along well with everyone.
And yesterday when I had an English exam, they asked to make a short dialogue. Mine was between Yoona and Luhan. LOL I'm a really big fan :D

Luhan: Yoona, are you okay?
Yoona: Please just leave me alone.
Luhan: Hey, what's wrong? I'm here for you.
Yoona: Luhan, please. I'm so pissed off right now that I may say something I'll regret later. Don't come near me unless you want to get hurt.
Luhan: Okay. I'm sorry. Just tell me if you need something or rather someone to hold on to. I'm not your best friend for nothing.
Yoona: Thank you, Luhan.

OH OH OH LUHAN IS SO SWEET! <3 font="font">
And here's the picture of both of them! :)

Aside from LuYoon, I also ship Yoona and EXO-K's Kai. I call them The 'FACE' couple! Since they're both the face of their group. And Kai is actually 4 years younger, but who cares?! They're still adorable <3 :p=":p" br="br" just="just" lol="lol" maybe="maybe" nd="nd" ship="ship" sm="sm" them="them" too.="too.">

Okay that's enough. I don't have something to do right now and I just thought of blogging them hahaha. Please show your love to this SM's Trio! :)

Our Trio being playful during SMTOWN SEOUL ending :D

p.s. Can't wait for SNSD's Flower Power!!