Senin, 30 September 2013


Okeeee tiba-tiba pengen bikin blog baru hihi. Blog baru ini khusus buat FF Korea ya, dan namanya pake nama pena aku (gaya sekarang udah pake nama pena). Jadi, yang nyari FF Yoonhae atau Changyoon dll di sini udah gak ada, udah aku pindahin ke blog baru aku. Monggo, silakan berkunjung.
Love you guys! :)

Pen Name

I never really considered some possibilities to have a pen name. I mean, I thought I could always use dwidasept. But yeah, having a pen name would be great, right? It would be so cool when people recognize you by your pen name. So, this is what I came up with:
Hime Lee
I didn't have much thought about getting this name. Why Hime? Because it means princess in Japanese (all thanks to Jess for the Japanese references). And why Lee? I don't really know. Is it because Lee is Donghae's surname? LOL I sound so shallow. But seriously, who don't want to have Donghae's surname? :)
A pen name is actually a secret wish you carry in your writing, right? So, with Hime Lee, I wish I could be....Donghae's princess? *fangirling* Or maybe I want to be the one who bring him to his princess, although she hates that 'princess' and 'prince' affectionate nickname *cough cough* (You know who I mean, don't you? Watch SNSD's Romantic Fantasy to find out! :p)
See you on my next writing! :D

Senin, 09 September 2013

Yoonhae Deprived

It's been a long time since the last time I posted something here. Feel the sudden need to go blogging tonight. School has been crazy with stressful daily tests and everything. (Okay, the last part is irrelevant, lol)
Soooooooooooo I just watched Yoonhae moments on Youtube and I feel like gaaaaaahh I miss this couple, I miss their moments. I just miss them so much that I want to cry. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but I can't help it!!! Okay I will share what I just watched. It was Yoonha moments in SMTOWN Jakarta, last year. You can watch it on youtube through Oleracea's channel or you can just read this. So, in the video, Yoona and Donghae were being all adorable. When I say adorable it means sooooo freaking adorable. They splashed water at each other's face, Donghae chasing Yoona around and when he caught her, he PUT HIS ARMS AROUND HER SHOULDER. I can say that is the most affectionate Yoonhae moments (that was caught on camera) I've ever seen so far. I'm crying rainbow.
Oh, and have you seen this? Identical shoes, oh my God!

Just when I thought it was enough, Donghae updated his instagram! The capture said "Nice shoes :)" YES DONGHAE YESSSS THOSE ARE VERY NICE SHOES :"))

Enough for tonight. I'm just tired of understanding physics. Daily test tomorrow wooooooooo what can be worse.