Selasa, 14 Januari 2014


For him, the word beautiful never suits her. She was way more than that. Ethereal is what he believes suits her best.
Mornings always come as pleasant surprises every time he sees her in the hallway. She would smile, wave at him, and say the brightest hello, like she always does. Before he replies her greeting, he always takes 3 seconds to appreciate God’s best creation in front of him. With her dark locks cascading down her back, doe eyes twinkling in a happy manner, and the smile that could reach her ears, he swears he has never seen anything more beautiful.
The next sentence she says comes in a velvety voice, sending warm sensation from his heart to his fingertips. And when she laughs, the voice has already been registered to a secret corner of his heart as one of his favorite voices he likes to hear in the morning.
“Did you sleep well?”
“Have you had breakfast?”
“What will you do after school today?”
were questions she never forgets to ask him. He could see (and feel) her sincerity through every word she is saying. He isn’t sure how he could picture their mornings in their future just like this; seeing her smile as she asks him how his sleep. He just knows if this is how his morning will always be like, he hopes they always stay this way.
But then, everything is not his to decide. He can be happy for every 10 minutes he has with the girl beside him, but he knows someone is waiting for her (and maybe she is waiting for that someone too) to spend the rest of their day together. That someone is (unfortunately) his best friend, his dear, dear best friend.
His best friend is the nicest person he has always met. He’s friendly, well-mannered, and always considerate toward others around him. And one thing his best friend got but he never would is the courage to tell that one girl how he really feels. He knew they were (and still are) in love with the exact same girl but he was not brave enough to tell her. And since the day when she accepted his best friend’s feeling, he has been trying hard to kill the stinging feeling of regret. 
“We will go to a jazz concert this weekend. You can join us if you want.”
Her offer sounds tempting if she’s not referring to her and his best friend in the word ‘we’. So he shakes his head, showing her his best smile with an apologetic look in his eyes.
And when she shots him a bright smile before making her way to her locker, realization hits him that he had foolishly fall even deeper than he had allowed himself to, and for the one person he shouldn’t have; the girl that his best friend is already in love with.

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